Some Like It Hot

The splashy Broadway musical is back! A bubbly concoction of elements, Some Like It Hot springs off from the original 1950’s film by keeping the basic storyline intact while modernizing the material’s subject matter and character development. And it achieves all this while remaining faithful to the 1930’s period it is set in.

Employing cheeky lyrics, dialogue with a wink and snazzy song and tap dance numbers, this ebullient production is absolutely dazzling and delightful.

Featuring two struggling, brotherly musicians who are on the run from witnessing a mob hit, they decide their best course of action is to disguise themselves as women and join an all ladies band. This band is headlined by the singing talents of their chanteuse Sugar Kane (whose real name is revealed in a funny moment toward the end of the show) as they make their way across country, playing gigs on a circuit that eventually lands them in southern California.

Once there, the two guys plan to sneak off to the safety of Mexico but love intervenes (as it does in musicals) and plans change and morph as the story progresses and the show blooms to its conclusion of happily ever after.

This production will make you fall in love with musical theatre all over again. The performances are stellar, the cast is clearly having a joyous time performing and the book and lyrics are absolutely charming.

Photo by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

In addition to the performances, the sets, lighting and costuming also deserve a special mention. The creative team conjures up a range of locales and moods, character looks both beautiful and hilarious and settings that evoke 1930’s glamour and panache while recognizing the struggles of the Depression and issues of the time.

Some Like It Hot really does have it all. It simply sizzles with the sound of a thousand champagne corks popping (though keep that on the down low—it’s Prohibition afterall)!