Stationery Style

On a recent visit to Broadway Market Company in New York City I discovered the most charming stationery by R. Nichols.

Founded by artist and graphic designer Nick Hanzlik, R. Nichols creates heavy weight, whimsical note cards with just the right touch of sophistication and humor using the craft of cut paper.


Read Note Card–one of my favorites!


Tuscany Note Card–for those who love Italy!

At a time when the handwritten note seems to be fading away, R. Nichols is firmly planted in the belief that a personal note is still worth the time and effort and the cards are lovingly designed to lift the spirit.

In addition to writing papers, they apply the same wit and quality to gifts ranging from scented candles to tote bags as well as city-specific designs.

R. Nichols stationery is a treat to use and definitely something to write home about!