Summer’s Up!

As the days grow longer, the sun gets brighter and more time is spent outdoors, sunscreen is a daily necessity.

Sunscreen Image 1

I found a fantastic product by Neutrogena with an SPF soaring to a new 110! Now that’s serious protection. This sunscreen applies as a light weight, non-greasy lotion and while very white in its initial application, the product quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no residue behind. The sunscreen features Helioplex which provides two benefits to protect skin, one of which helps screen out UVB burning rays and the other which helps stop UVA skin aging rays from penetrating surface layers for protection of skin cells at a deeper level.

This sunscreen is extremely effective and I like the way it not only absorbs but also how it does feel like a shield for your face. I also found that it’s effective for the entire body which makes it the perfect sunscreen for swimming and other outdoor activities as it is resistant to water and sweat.

With regular top-ups every two hours this sunscreen is the best I’ve found to relieve any fear of spending time outdoors. And with a 110 SPF protection, enjoying the summer months is better than ever!

Special Note: Thank you to Target for the title image!