The New Clean

Simple soap and water were once the way to a clean face. Methods have changed dramatically through innovations in skin care and the cosmetics industry. The latest and most exciting trend is the new multi-step process, with multiple products enhancing the cleansing experience.

Erno Image 1Erno Laszlo, the bastion of skin treatments used by Hollywood’s most famous faces since the 1940’s, has entered this new realm with an updated version of their two step cleansing routine first introduced in 1935. This decadent facial cleansing procedure combines a soap with a cleansing oil for a remarkable finish, leaving skin feeling not only thoroughly clean but soft and supple and radiant.

Deemed their double cleanse solution, the soaps come in Detoxifying, Sensitive, Hydra-Therapy, Firmarine and White Marble versions based on different skin needs. For each soap one also purchases the corresponding cleansing oil. Personally, I like the Hydra-Therapy for maximum moisturization.

The products are beautifully packaged as well as long lasting. A single bar and oil will get you through many months of cleansings and are well worth the price points. They also make mini combination kits that are perfect for travel.

For a thorough and gleaming clean, Erno Laszlo provides a modern and effective solution with long term benefits and a luxurious way to begin and end each day. To learn more visit Erno Lazslo.