The Nose Knows

What do you get when you combine pear, mandarin, bergamot, freesia, lotus flower, cedar wood and musk? An intensely fresh scent called Soleil D’Or from Rituals…, the Amsterdam skin care and fragrance company that I wrote about in a previous post (see December 11, 2022).

Conjuring up the golden sands and luminous turquoise waters of India’s coastline, the parfum transports you with thoughts of carefree, sunny days spent relaxing and soaking up warm rays from a clear sky while the ocean rolls in the background.

Soleil D’Or is just one of the fragrances Rituals… has created in an entire line of fragrances called the “Iconic Collection” and the special appeal is that each one also comes in a beautifully executed travel size. Replicating the look of the full version, the bottle is designed to be easily disassembled when emptied and completely recycled. (Or, even better, can be refilled from a full sized bottle and readied for more travel.)

It’s an ingenious idea and, at a price point of $20.00, it’s tempting to try the entire range as deluxe samples and then choosing a favorite (or favorites!) for daily use or special occasion.

I have been impressed with the Rituals… products from the 2022 Advent calendar and being introduced to this fragrance has been a great addition to my daily routine. It’s a clean, easy bouquet and perfect for year round use and enjoyment.

Rituals… has captured the art of the scent and while I am partial to Soleil D’Or, there is something for everyone in their broad selection of aromas. And who can resist the pleasure of a daily olfactory escape?