The Parisian Woman

A perfectParisian Woman Image 1 play perfectly executed is currently running on Broadway. The Parisian Woman, written by Beau Willimon, is a brilliant portrait of Washington ambition and politics mixed ingeniously with gentle suspense, a compelling plotline and occasionally humorous turns.

Uma Thurman is stunning as the woman of the title in her role as inner-circle wife and protector of her husband’s desired legacy. Rounding out the impeccable cast are Marton Csokas, Josh Lucas, Blair Brown and Phillipa Soo, all embodying intriguing characters driven by the wheels of Washington.

With high stakes and various surprise twists (some funny, some shocking) the play elegantly unfolds on a series of stunning sets conveying the world of the nation’s capital where the machinations that lie beneath a seemingly placid and diplomatic surface collide in a race to gain power and position.

The writing is beautifully detailed and intelligent and, combined with the plotline, stays on this side of plausible which makes the play all the more riveting. And all of which leads to a completely unexpected climax.

For those who prefer their plays shaken and not stirred, The Parisian Woman is a must see!