I’m a shoe?

All Birds Image 2

Fun (and responsible) packaging!)

Yes he is! New Zealand shoe sensation All Birds has quickly become the darling of the footwear arena and people are crazy enthusiastic about them for good reason. The shoes are dubbed “the world’s most comfortable” as they are made from a naturally recurring resource: sheep’s wool.

A native of New Zealand, Tim Brown was no stranger to the virtues of merino wool. He wondered why such a resource was almost completely unused in the footwear market. After many years of research, he joined forces with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert, and together they created a revolutionary wool fabric that was specific to footwear. Thus an entirely new shoe company was born as well as an ethos to create a better product in a better way.

All Birds Image 1

My All Birds shoes–comfort personified!

There’s no denying the attraction of the shoes. With many qualities such as sleek design, flexibility, moisture wicking properties and unsurpassed comfort, the shoes are perfect for any lifestyle and are ideal in both city and country settings. The key to their comfort is an ingenious insert that provides the cushy experience.

Even the packaging is equally creative and sensitive, using 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard (which also serves as shoebox, shopping bag and mailer all in one) with artistic, whimsical graphics that couldn’t be more charming.

It’s no wonder they’re sweeping the United States coast to coast. Everyone can wear and enjoy their shoes and, based on a recent visit to the SoHo location in New York City, the customer profile is anything but targeted demographics. The store was a hive of activity with young children trying on shoes as well as their grandparents.

All Birds has created a revolutionary shoe, not only based on contemporary needs but looking to the future of fashion and sustainability.

That’s definitely something to “bah, bah, bah” about!