Through the Window Glass

One of the great joys in New York City during the holiday season is a stroll down 5th Avenue and marveling at all the store windows. Whether whimsical, fantastical, opulent or enchanting, the shops along this famous street never disappoint with their creativity and magnitude of design when they unveil their holiday windows for an adoring and excited public.

Xmas Window Image 1

Bergdorf Goodman

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Lord and Taylor

This year was exceptional with no expense spared and displays that focused primarily on amusement and less on product. When product was displayed it was promoted in a way to further the design concept and not marketing to purchase. This allowed the viewer to become fully immersed in the world of the window.

Xmas Window Image 9

Saks Fifth Avenue

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Lord and Taylor

These seasonal store windows can have a tremendous, far reaching effect and are a vital element to the experience of brick and mortar shopping. As Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo stated in a recent interview with Business of Fashion, “Great holiday windows, at their best, drive much more than merely sales. They can create long-term affection for the store and give one a view into the heart of a brand.”

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Saks Fifth Avenue

Walking down 5th Avenue provides a range of experiences and expresses the workmanship of a few cottage businesses in New York City that supply the labor and goods needed to bring the windows to life. Sometimes taking up to a year to conceive and create, the window displays are a labor of love and offer a glimpse into the art of window display at its pinnacle of creativity.

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Lord and Taylor

Not only tourists flock to view them but New Yorkers themselves consider this an annual family activity—it is a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of the season with loved ones and create memories for a lifetime.

"Great holiday windows, at their best, drive much more than merely sales."

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Saks Fifth Avenue

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And lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget your camera!