True West

Where, and what, is “the west?” And is it something that ever existed as a concrete form, a place that goes beyond metaphor?

In a beautiful revival from Roundabout Theatre Company, these are the larger questions that arise in Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer finalist play True West.

With Ethan Hawke as Lee and Paul Dano as Austin, the play explodes with riveting action and suspenseful moments over a series of days as the relationship between the two brothers deteriorates (as well as the set!) and they discover they may, in fact, be one in the same person.

True West Image 1

Photo by Shervin Lainez

With Marylouise Burke and Gary Wilmes rounding out the cast as Mom and Saul Kimmer respectively, the show is tightly executed under the stellar direction of James Macdonald.

It’s an exciting ride as the play tackles the sense of place, as well as space, that the “west,” specifically California, conjures up—whether desert, opportunity, independence, entrepreneurial spirit, Hollywood.

In addition, the chase after these seemingly illusive aspects by people who fall under its spell.

True West runs through March 17.