Un Coup de Balai

The French have a long history of skin care indulgence and one company that exemplifies this passion for aromatic clean is Mistral, a soap company inspired by the fragrances and flowers around Provence.

Photo courtesy of Mia Vera.

Employing imaginative scent combinations such as Champagne Peony (a personal favorite!), Tea Yuzu and Lychee Rose, Mistral has been creating fantastic concoctions since 1994. They offer a classic soap collection as well as special edition seasonal options that are equally luxurious for the bath.

If these are too flowery for one’s tastes, they have an exceptional men’s line made with richly masculine and decadent fragrances such as Grey Lavande, Black Amber and Bourbon Vanilla.

And for those who prefer something a little softer and subtle, Driftwood or Sea Salt are superb options.

The soaps definitely invite you to spend a little extra time bathing, especially with additional products that coordinate with the soaps—bath salts, body washes, lotions, shaving creams and even candles.

It’s hard to choose just one and with all the inventive variety and splendid quality, Mistral elevates the routine bath or shower to a refined ritual, one that you will look forward to day after day. Now that’s magnifique!