When Design is Toogood

Structure and form. Those two words best describe the ethos of sisters and design duo Faye and Erica Toogood (yep, that’s their name).

Growing up in the English countryside both women became makers—one being fascinated with natural objects and their construction and the other with fabric shapes and drapes who took to sewing at the young age of eight, learning the skill from her tailor grandmother.

As they grew up and refined their skills, Faye became a recognizable figure in the design and art industry whose work appears both in national institutions and private collections as well as commercial enterprises. Erica is similarly successful in the design world; she has worked with a number of clothing brands, been a costume creator in the theatre and completed commissions of bespoke garments for private clients.

It was only inevitable that the two would team up to create a line of clothing for women and men (though a multitude of their pieces can be unisex) which they sell under their name, Toogood, and the garments are not only unique, but functional, stylish and easy to wear.

This is investment clothing with an edge. Unusual shapes, volumes and cuts define their idiosyncratic take on wardrobe basics and I love the shirt I purchased.


Titled “The Draughtsman,” its design showcases subtle details and the high quality cotton poplin irons to a crisp drape. The slightly shortened sleeves are a welcome change from the typically longer sleeves currently in style. There are other particulars such as seaming in unexpected places and small side vents. The cut is generous, making it comfortable but also chic as the volume is the exact amount of oversizing. The small collar is funky and the color black keeps it versatile and basic. It is the perfect weekend shirt and a pleasure to wear.

Toogood is a special brand and one you can return to again and again when you want something that is well made and intriguing. And while the clothing is not standard by any means, it is never toomuch!