When Flowers, Food and Furniture Collide

There are some places better described through images than words. Roman and Williams Guild New York is one such place.

This oasis on Howard Street in New York City is a testament to tasteful design and creating a space that is inviting, luxe and above all, livable. Guild New York was born from a personal mandate to “create a world that was warmer, thoughtfully drawn and carefully made.”

Nothing here was left to chance. A keen eye prevails with a showroom for beautiful, artisan furnishings, an impeccable café (la Mercerie) with a developing menu of classic French dishes and a lovely flower shop in front featuring whimsical floral arrangements by Emily Thompson.


The space is stunning, divided into three parts to accommodate each concept with a seamless flow between the three zones. There is also a charming bar for drinks linking the areas between the café and the furniture/homewares section. Each area is distinct yet melds into the whole, creating a cohesive visual.

And speaking of visuals, they really should tell the rest of the story.

Special Note: Feature image courtesy of Vogue.