Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 is the year of the Rooster, which last made an appearance in the year 2005. This special sign of the Chinese zodiac always comes after a Monkey and before a Dog year so he is in good animal kingdom company!

Chinese New Year Image 1

This year is specifically centered on the Fire Rooster. The five elements (earth, fire, gold, water, wood) factor into the annual zodiacal animal sign designations and help shape the astrology of the year.

These element-sign combinations recur only every 60 years and they are believed to affect an individual’s personality as well as their destiny in Chinese astrology.

Fire Roosters have many great qualities which include trustworthiness, a strong sense of timekeeping (they probably even wake up at dawn) and responsible with their jobs or career.

Some things that are lucky for roosters are the number 8, the colors brown and yellow, the gladiola flower and the direction southeast.

To get in the spirit of the Rooster, Lord and Taylor in Manhattan currently has beautiful window displays featuring hundreds of origami roosters in gold with mannequins clad in beautiful Asian inspired fashions. It’s quite dramatic and the outside façade even has a rooster with three dimensional aspects as it looks like folded paper pieces.

With the Rooster leading the way into 2017 there’s a lot to crow about!