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Current News: For fans of Neil Patrick Harris, his new show Uncoupled has been released on Netflix and you may catch me in episode Chapter 8!

Specializing in thoughtful and nuanced character studies

Brady Adair is an artist devoted to the craft of transformational acting through a disciplined creative process.

A consummate and versatile performer, he creates characters that come from keen insight, strong instincts and in-depth research as well as the simple act of daydreaming. His characters are finely detailed and his performances entertain and remain memorable to an audience.

Working in a variety of mediums, Brady has played over 70 comedic and dramatic roles in a range of contemporary and classical pieces for theatre, television, independent film and commercial production.

    A group of high school students begin to suspect their Geo-Politics teacher of questionable loyalties.


    In a dystopian world, a modern day theatre troupe mounts a searing satire of Catherine the Great’s Russian court.


    Christopher Marlowe’s last night in London coalesces a lifetime later with the explosive night William Shakespeare dies.

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